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The purpose of the entire Bible is to present Godís redemptive plan by which He brings lost and wayward man into forgiveness and fellowship with Himself. It is this man whom God loves and desires to redeem that is being studied in this ebook. Any study of people and places is of interest, but to study Godís people and in particular those in the period of the New Testament is simply fantastic.

In this ebook you will gain a fresh perspective on what the Bible says about the twelve apostles, Paul and his associates, and important women presented in the New Testament. You'll learn how these ordinary people's lives made a huge impact on our world. A study of their lives will teach you to bravely face each God-given day.

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Levels of studying the thirty-three lessons in this ebook are summarized in the following suggestions:

1. Classroom Study: There are enough lessons in this course to keep a student busy for an entire semester. They are designed to direct one's attention into the Bible. There are many courses written ABOUT the Bible. This system is a study IN the Bible.

2. Individual Study: Using this course and your Bible, you will gain a sound grasp of Biblical knowledge.

3. Family Bible Studies: The course is excellent for home study where each member of the family participates. Lessons may be studied individually or collectively.

4. Community Bible Study: An increasing number of hungry-hearted people are regularly meeting in groups for community Bible study. This is an excellent source for meeting this need.

5. Sunday School Classes: Many of the more progressive Sunday Schools are looking for better ways to utilize the limited amount of time allotted to teach the Bible. This system is an improvement.

6. Youth Societies: Young people, an easy way to start your Bible study adventure is by learning about the characters in the New Testament. No previous knowledge of the Bible is required. Yet, you can quickly become a Bible scholar.

7. Other: Any group interested in assembling for Bible study will find this course inspiring, sound doctrinally, and easy to learn. The questions are designed to challenge students in their personal search for Biblical truth. In a group setting, the discussions can be very stimulating.

As you study these special people of the Bible, you'll see that God is the same today as He was in Biblical times, that He still works through people. By studying their life and times, you'll discover how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers us, too, for service.


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