I Corinthians 12-16
ASSIGNMENT:  I Corinthians 12-16. (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)
TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)
T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. No man, speaking by the Spirit of God, calls Jesus accursed. __ _________ 2. The gifts are divided to every man according to the Spirit's will. __ _________ 3. By one Spirit are we all baptized into one body. __ _________ 4. There is something more excellent than exercising the gifts. __ _________ 5. Though one bestows all his goods to feed the poor, without love it would profit him nothing. __ _________ 6. Love suffers long, but is not always kind. __ _________ 7. Prophecies shall not fail. __ _________ 8. When Paul became a man, he put away childish things. __ _________ 9. Even Paul knew only in part. __ _________10. Paul desired that the Corinthians would prophesy. __ _________11. Paul spoke with tongues more than any others. __ _________12. For teaching five words understood are better than ten thousand that are not understood. __ _________13. The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. __ _________14. Paul commanded that all things be done decently and in order. __ _________15. It is not possible for one to believe in vain. __ _________16. Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures. __ _________17. Paul claimed that he labored more abundantly than others. __ _________18. There will never be a day when Christ shall put all enemies under His feet. __ _________19. In the resurrection, the individual shall have a spiritual body. __ _________20. Flesh and blood shall inherit the kingdom of God. __ _________21. Death is already swallowed up in victory. __ _________22. Tithing is clearly taught in I Corinthians 16:1-3. __ _________23. Paul was interested in gathering an offering for people in Jerusalem. __ _________24. There were very few adversaries confronted by Paul. __ _________25. The wills of Paul and Apollos were different.
Chapter/Verse _________26. What word did Paul use to describe idols?______________________________________________ _________27. Name the nine gifts of the Spirit._____________________________________________________ _________28. List eight orders in church government and service.______________________________________ _________29. List two beings mentioned in I Corinthians 13:1.________________________________________ _________30. What four things do not count without love?____________________________________________ _________31. In Chapter 13:7, what four things does love do?_________________________________________ _________32. What happens when that which is perfect is come?_______________________________________ _________33. Name three things which abide._______________________________________________________ _________34. What does one speak in the Spirit?____________________________________________________ _________35. What three things does one do when he prophesies?_____________________________________ _________36. In what are we to be children?________________________________________________________ _________37. Unto what should all things be done?__________________________________________________ _________38. List six appearances of Christ mentioned in I Corinthians 15._______________________________ _________39. Whom did Paul persecute?___________________________________________________________ _________40. What is the most outstanding theme taught in I Corinthians 15? ___________________________ _________41. In what city did Paul fight with beasts?_________________________________________________ _________42. What is the sting of death? __________________________________________________________ _________43. On what day of the week should one make his gifts? _____________________________________ _________44. Name three places mentioned in chapter 16. ____________________________________________ _________45. List seven persons mentioned in chapter 16. ____________________________________________
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