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Dusty Bible Laying On A Shelf     Is Your Bible Dusty From Lack Of Use?

Laying On A Shelf Somewhere -- Forgotten and Unread?

Dear Internet friend,

You've heard the old saying "A dusty Bible will lead to a dirty life!"

A recent poll discovered less than ten percent of Americans read their Bible daily. If you're not part of this elite group, maybe you've found some tremendous excuses not to do so.

"I really want to study... I'd like to learn... I'll start tomorrow"...but, somehow, you always find other things more practical to pursue. Or, perhaps, you're overwhelmed with demands of your job and personal life ... constantly running, trying to catch up!

Tyndale House Publishers reports sixty-four percent do not read because they say they're too busy. It comes as no surprise, then, that with the explosion of knowledge and technology, we're living in a time when there's much to do and too little time. To escape, we seek guidance and direction from every conceivable source, diligently searching for a solution to the enormous challenges of modern life.

Trust me, you're not alone in this boat ... millions share this sometime frustrating and desperate situation. We're all seeking some exclusive path that will bring us the peace and joy we know we deserve, and because time is so valuable, we want it RIGHT NOW!!

The very fact you're here reading this tells me you're at least curious, seeking some solution to a problem, dilemma or question you have, or looking for contentment with your life. If I told you there are answers for all your problems and a reliable way to learn how to build a deeper, richer and more powerful relationship with God, your friends and your family and get more out of life... wouldn't you drop everything and make time to explore the possibility of finding a quality of life you've never experienced before?

If you answered: "yes," what you read in the next few minutes could impact your life and the lives of the people you care about positively in many ways for eternity.

Did you know that a majority of Americans cannot name the four Gospels of the New Testament and less than fifty percent can name the first book in the Bible according to surveys by George Gallup. Yet the Bible contains all the secrets of infinite knowledge.

Besides offering a pleasant diversion from the pressures we all face daily, its life-changing power has a vital element found in no other book. You can achieve anything you want in life, and overcome all obstacles in the way, using the most powerful force there is...once you discover the key that unlocks the door and act on your discovery. By studying and believing the Bible's contents, you can begin to grasp a powerful force that will literally transform your life. But, proper keys are needed to successfully unlock God's treasure chest of wisdom.

The good news is that finding and utilizing these keys can be found right here in a simple, yet powerful, course. Using its lessons you can harness the power of the Bible and begin transforming your life right NOW?

The course I'm talking about was originally born out of an intense desire to bring to the masses a practical working knowledge of God’s Holy Word. As a College President, Dr. R. O. Corvin was awakened to the appalling lack of Bible knowledge and obsessed with the thought that “the truth shall make you free.”

He saw fields white unto harvest, the great need of providing a plan of Bible study that would extend far beyond the four walls of a classroom. He felt an intense longing to make America a land of Bible-loving and Bible-filled people. He knew that lecture methods were both outmoded and impractical for such a program. A new means had to be developed.

That burning desire led him to set his heart and hands to the task of developing a system of Bible study that would be not only fascinating and challenging, but practical as well. The result — CRUSADERS BIBLE COURSE.

Since its first publication, printed versions of this life-changing course have been used successfully by:

  • thousands of individuals, churches and evangelistic associations in many denominations all over the world, and
  • schools and colleges, who relied on it as a welcomed addition to their curriculums for its comprehensive coverage of the entire Bible.
"What makes it so special or so popular?" you may ask.

Let's examine a short list of its many features. It's intriguing, challenging and covers the 95% of the Bible upon which all Protestants agree. Plus, it gives you:
    an unbiased presentation of the clear and powerful Word of God that will keep you on the right path in your day to day life,
    a systematic plan for helping you learn the Bible in an easy, fun way that's faster than you ever thought possible,
    a proven method of study that fosters instant credibility and persuasive power with your peers. You'll be able to learn and remember what the Bible teaches,
    a powerful resource for making your ministry more effective in your church, community or non-profit organization,
    and, a valuable tool for unlocking the greatest secrets for happiness and joy in this desperate and troubled world.
Now, for the first time ever, this rock-solid, time-tested course is available in digital format ready to be downloaded to your computer.

You won't find just any old run-of-the mill course here, but one that has already helped thousands of people find the keys to unlocking the Bible's mysteries. It's not just a series of lectures, not a study of theological dissertations, and not the interpretations of an individual.

But rather, it's a scripture-searching study, an instruction method that offers a learning plan that:
    Leads the learner by captivating steps to a deeper and more penetrating understanding of God’s Holy Word.
    Makes Bible study as fascinating as a game and as interesting as a crossword puzzle.
    Impresses Bible knowledge into the head and heart in such a way that it will be retained.

Making the course available in digital format provides you with many outstanding features and benefits.
  • It's convenient -
    • From its Table of Contents, select a Bible chapter, click, and the lesson is instantly available.
    • Hyperlinks on each lesson are directed to the online King James Version of the Bible for quickly reading the assignment.
    • Or study off-line at your leisure grading lessons using hyperlinks to answer sheets.
  • It's user-friendly and easy to navigate -
    • A menu button allows adjusting font size for comfortable reading.
    • Printer options allow printing the lessons in any size font.
    • Search button quickly finds a subject or character for study and displays a hyperlinked list for easy navigation.
  • It's economical -
    • Print each lesson or only those that are meaningful to you.
    • Savings on typesetting, printing, binding, warehousing are passed directly on to you -- guaranteeing you the best product at the lowest possible price.
    • Buying online saves postage, shipping and handling charges and your valuable time.
    • Save dial-up charges and fees by working directly from your own computer off-line.
  • It's fully Indexed -
    • No need to scroll through all the pages. Simply select the lesson you want to study, then jump from one lesson to the next.
  • It's delivered fast -
    • Buying on the internet makes this course instantly available for study.
    • After payment, you're given your personal password to immediately open and enjoy your purchase.
  • And, no unnecessary files clutter your harddrive as everything is included within the eBook.
Using your computer and the internet, you can accomplish more now than ever before, while freeing quality time to spend with your family or in following other pursuits. By studying in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience, you'll save both time and money as no transportation or accommodation expenses are incurred.

If you yearn for the excitement and blessings that come from really getting into God's Word, don't miss this opportunity to find deeper meaning in your life.

Study each lesson in this powerful ebook, and you'll unlock the secrets to living a successful, rewarding and fruitful life.

Remember this: the most important investment you'll ever make is in yourself. Give yourself permission to embrace the life you've only dared to hope for. What better time than now to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Use this course as the first stepping stone to begin enjoying a full, active and happy life!


This ebook is an "exe" file and should work perfectly on personal computers using a Windows 95/98/NT/XP or above operating system. You will need Internet Explorer 4.0 or above to use this eBook.


Because I'm confident you'll love this course and enjoy its enormous benefits and features, I'm offering an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply contact me anytime within 30 days, and I'll refund all of your money NO questions asked. Since you have nothing to lose, you owe it to yourself to say, "Yes! I want it now!"

All Four Volumes (over 200 lessons) With Answer Sheets -- just $24.95!!!

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