What's an "exe" file and how does it work?

"Exe" is short for "executable" and means the file will do something when you click on it's icon. You know, the little pictures that clutter your desktop.

And the word "execute" means to start up. Basically, my "exe" files are web pages that have been compressed and zipped in a program to make the file size smaller for downloading; however, you will not need an unzipping program installed on your computer to open it. It's been programmed to open automatically and "execute" when you click on its icon.

Executable files are very common, and very scary to some people.  They think the file will contain a virus and it could. But viruses are most commonly shared by email.  The executable programs Bible-ebooks delivers to you are all virus free.  They've been scanned using McAfee Virus Scan software so you can be assured they are safe to download.

Still doubtful or unsure? Then save your download to a floppy disk, then, use your own virus software to scan it again before you open it.