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Galatians 1-6

ASSIGNMENT:  Galatians 1-6.
TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)
T /F  Chapter/Verse
__ ________ 1. Paul was an apostle of men. __ ________ 2. Galatians was written to more than one church. __ ________ 3. None of the Galatians were ever removed from Christ to another gospel. __ ________ 4. Upon Paul's call to preach, he immediately conferred with flesh and blood. __ ________ 5. It was three years after Paul's conversion before he saw Peter. __ ________ 6. The term "after" in Galatians 2:2 refers to Paul's conversion. __ ________ 7. Titus, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised. __ ________ 8. Paul once withstood Peter to his face. __ ________ 9. Paul taught that a man is justified by the works of the law. __ ________10. He that worked miracles among the Galatians did it by the works of the law. __ ________11. Gentiles receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. __ ________12. The term "seed" in Galatians 3:16 refers to Christ. __ ________13. We are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. __ ________14. When the heir becomes a man, he differs nothing from a servant. __ ________15. God's Son is made of a woman. __ ________16. Through Christ the Christian actually becomes a child of God. __ ________17. Christians are under obligations to observe and keep the law. __ ________18. Christ has made the Christian free from the law's yoke of bondage. __ ________19. Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything toward one's gaining salvation. __ ________20. It is possible to use Christian freedom in the wrong way. __ ________21. Paul mentions 21 works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-21. __ ________22. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. __ ________23. Galatians 4:15 and 6:11 may be the key to understanding Paul's "thorn in the flesh." __ ________24. Paul purposed to glory only in the cross of Christ. __ ________25. Paul was speaking of bodily scars in Galatians 6:17. COMPLETION QUESTIONS
_________26. If Paul's purpose was to please only men, he would not be ____________________________________ _________27. How did Paul receive the gospel that he preached? __________________________________________ _________28. After Paul's conversion, to which two places did he go before going to Jerusalem? _________________ _________29. To which churches was Paul unknown by face? _____________________________________________ _________30. Name two men who accompanied Paul to Jerusalem._________________________________________ _________31. Why did Paul communicate privately to them who were of reputation? ___________________________ _________32. The gospel of uncircumcision was committed unto ___________________________________________ _________33. With whom was Paul crucified?___________________________________________________________ _________34. What word did Paul use to describe the Galatians? __________________________________________ _________35. Of whom was it said, "In thee shall all nations be blessed"? ___________________________________ _________36. Until Christ came, what was the schoolmaster? _____________________________________________ _________37. The heir is under whom until the time appointed by his father? _________________________________ _________38. How did the Galatians receive Paul at first?_________________________________________________ _________39. In Paul's allegory, whose son represents the law? ___________________________________________ _________40. Every man that is circumcised is debtor to what? ___________________________________________ _________41. What word fulfills the whole law? _________________________________________________________ _________42. List the fruit of the Spirit. _______________________________________________________________ _________43. Who are to restore those overtaken by faults? ______________________________________________ _________44. How may we fulfill the law of Christ? ______________________________________________________ _________45. How may one reap life everlasting? _______________________________________________________

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