Assignment: Isaiah 1-5.  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)

TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. God's own children rebelled against him. __ _________ 2. God willingly hears a person's prayers, even though his hands are full of blood. __ _________ 3. Being willing alone will enable one to eat the good of the land. __ _________ 4. The faithful city became an harlot. __ _________ 5. They that forsake the Lord shall be consumed. __ _________ 6. In the last days all nations shall flow unto the mountain of the Lord's house. __ _________ 7. God will teach us his ways, if we are willing to walk in his paths. __ _________ 8. There shall be a time when nations will learn war no more. __ _________ 9. The Lord alone should be exalted. __ _________10. Man's breath is in his nostrils. __ _________11. Isaiah prophesied that babies would become rulers. __ _________12. Jerusalem was mined, because her tongue and their doings provoked the eyes of the Lord. __ _________13.The reward of the wicked shall be given him. __ _________14. The daughters of Zion shall never be smitten. __ _________15. In Isaiah's day women wore nose jewels. __ _________16. Both Zion and Jerusalem are mentioned in the same verse. __ _________17. The blood of Jerusalem shall be purged by the spirit of judgment. __ _________18. The Lord will create upon mount Zion a cloud and smoke. __ _________19. The Lord's vineyard brought forth good grapes. __ _________20. In Chapter 5 Isaiah condemned strong drink. __ _________21. Hell cannot open her mouth, nor enlarge herself. __ _________22. God, who is holy, shall not be sanctified in righteousness. __ _________23. The anger of the Lord is sometimes kindled against his people. __ _________24. God will lift up an ensign to the nations. __ _________25. Isaiah 5:26-30 describes God's judgment upon his people by armies from foreign nations. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. Isaiah prophesied during the reign of what kings?________________________________________ _________27. Toward what nation were Isaiah's prophecies first directed? ________________________________ _________28. What two parts of the body were sick and faint?_________________________________________ _________29. What verse in Chapter I teaches most clearly the forgiveness of sins? _______________________ _________30. Who was the father of Isaiah? _______________________________________________________ _________31. For fear of the Lord, where are we to enter? ____________________________________________ _________32. Name five countries mentioned in Ch. 2. _______________________________________________ _________33. What does God threaten to take away from Jerusalem? __________________________________ _________34. To whom are the prophecies in Chapter 3 directed? ______________________________________ _________35. Who stands up to plead and judge the people? __________________________________________ _________36. What do you consider to be the greatest sin of the daughters of Zion? _______________________ _________37. For the daughters of Zion, what shall be instead of a sweet smell? __________________________ _________38. In a certain day, how many women shall take hold of a man? ______________________________ _________39. Give two words that describe the Branch of the Lord? ____________________________________ _________40. What did the Lord promise to wash away from the daughters? _____________________________ _________41. What shall be for a shadow in the daytime? ____________________________________________ _________42. Who had a vineyard in every fruitful hill?________________________________________________ _________43. Who was the vineyard of the Lord of hosts?_____________________________________________ _________44. What was the major reason that caused God's people to go into captivity? ___________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________45. Summarize in six words the sins against which the six woes were pronounced in Chapter 5. _________________________________________________________________________________

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