LESSON 12 - ISAIAH 56-60

Assignment: Isaiah 56-60.  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)

TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. God speaks through Isaiah concerning the keeping of the Sabbath. __ _________ 2. The eunuch's inheritance exceeds the receiving of sons and daughters. __ _________ 3. The outcasts of Israel shall remain lovely. __ _________ 4. The invitation is given to surrounding nations to devour the sheep of Israel. __ _________ 5. The watchman of Israel's safety could not give warning of danger. __ _________ 6. God's providence removes some of the righteous from coming evil. __ _________ 7. The grave is a resting place for the righteous. __ _________ 8. Those that build idols of the smooth stones of the stream have their portion there. __ _________ 9. Expensive ointments given to kings and their idols elevated Israel. __ _________10. The heart of the contrite shall be revived. __ _________11. The wicked, though at peace, cannot find rest. __ _________12. Isaiah was commissioned to warn Israel with a voice of meekness. __ _________13. Israel's fasting was for a good purpose. __ _________14. The righteous of God shall be called the repairer and restorer. __ _________15. Sabbath observers find favor in God's sight. __ _________16. Sin causes God to hide his face and not to hear. __ _________17. None call for justice but many plead for truth. __ _________18. Those that waited for light beheld obscurity. __ _________19. The sinner knows his sins and has testimony of them. __ _________20. There is a breast-plate of salvation. __ _________21. Gentiles will be gathered to the light of the Jews. __ _________22. Sons of strangers shall build the walls of Jerusalem. __ _________23. The trees of Lebanon shall be used to beautify God's sanctuary. __ _________24. God will bring gold in the place of iron. __ _________25. The Lord shall be an everlasting light. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. The Lord will reveal his ______________________________________________________________ _________27. Who is not to say, "Behold, I am a dry tree"? ____________________________________________ _________28. What shall be accepted upon God's altar?_______________________________________________ _________29. Users of strong drink think tomorrow will be _____________________________________________ _________30. Those offering sacrifice to idols set what upon the mountain? _______________________________ _________31. Household gods or idols were set up where?_____________________________________________ _________32. Worshiping a creation of one's own hands will debase him unto _____________________________ _________33. Those that trust in God shall inherit_____________________________________________________ _________34. Those dwelling with God must have what type spirit?_______________________________________ _________35. The house of Jacob is to be shown its___________________________________________________ _________36. When the light breaks forth as the morning, then one's ______________ shall spring forth speedily. _________37. When the Lord guides, the soul is satisfied even in ________________________________________ _________38. The future generations shall be called the restorer of _______________________________________ _________39. The children of Jacob receive the_______________________________________________________ _________40. God's band is not short that it cannot ___________________________________________________ _________41. Israel contended that she was in desolate places as _______________________________________ _________42. None will lend a helping hand when truth is fallen in the _____________________________________ _________43. Jerusalem was to receive all the flocks of________________________________________________ _________44. Sons of Judah were to be transported by the _____________________________________________ _________45. What was the glory of Lebanon?_______________________________________________________

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