Assignment: Isaiah 6-10.  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)

TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. The Lord's train filled the temple. __ _________ 2. Isaiah was undone and had unclean lips. __ _________ 3. In one act Isaiah's sin was purged. __ _________ 4. There is a verse in Chapter 6 that implies God as Trinity. __ _________ 5. Isaiah prophesied that the cities would be wasted without people. __ _________ 6. Pekah made war and prevailed against Jerusalem. __ _________ 7. Isaiah counseled Ahaz to "take heed, and be quiet." __ _________ 8. Syria, Ephraim, and the son of Remaliah gave good counsel for Judah. __ _________ 9. Ahaz asked a sign of the Lord God. __ _________10. Isaiah prophesied that the Lord would shave himself with a razor. __ _________11. The wife of Isaiah was a prophetess. __ _________12. Isaiah predicted that Assyria would be conquered by Damascus. __ _________13. The Lord was to be both the fear and dread of the people. __ _________14. There is not a verse in Chapter 8 that mentions both the testimony and the law. __ _________15. There are some people who will curse God. __ _________16. The truth in 9:2 is mentioned in Ma. 4:16. __ _________17. Of the increase of Christ's government and peace there shall be no end. __ _________18. The people turn unto him that smiteth them. __ _________19. The prophet who teaches lies shall be the tail. __ _________20. The land is darkened through the wrath of the Lord of hosts. __ _________21. God used the wicked king of Assyria for His purpose and later punished him for it. __ _________22. The king of Assyria was compared with a boastful axe. __ _________23. At least 20 nations and cities are mentioned in chapter ten. __ _________24. God promised that no remnant of Israel would ever return. __ _________25. Isaiah prophesied that the Lord would lop the bough with terror. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. Who died during the year that Isaiah saw the Lord? _____________________________________ _________27. How many wings did each seraphim have? ____________________________________________ _________28. Who said, "Here am I; send me"? ___________________________________________________ _________29. Name two kinds of trees spoken of in Chapter 6. _______________________________________ _________30. List six kings whom Isaiah mentions in one verse. _______________________________________ _________31. Name two sons of Isaiah. ___________________________________________________________ _________32. What sign did the Lord give? _________________________________________________________ _________33. What two insects were to be used as instruments of judgment? ____________________________ _________34. Who were Isaiah's faithful witnesses? _________________________________________________ _________35. The people of what country were to overflow Judah like a river? _____________________________ _________36. Who was to be for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem? ____________________ _________37. Who are those that peep and mutter? _________________________________________________ _________38. What two tribes in Galilee were selected for particular blessings? ___________________________ _________39. Give five titles of the person upon whom the government was to be. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________40. What did the Lord send into Jacob, that lighted upon Israel? ______________________________ _________41. What statement is made three times in Chapter 9? ______________________________________ _________42. What does God pronounce upon them that decree unrighteous decrees? _____________________ _________43. What nation was used as the rod of God's anger? _______________________________________ _________44. In Chapter 10, list six nations mentioned in one verse. ____________________________________ _________45. Who shall return unto the mighty God? ________________________________________________

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