Assignment: Isaiah 16-20.  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)

TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. There is a throne that shall be established in mercy. __ _________ 2. Pride had nothing to do with the languishing of Heshbon. __ _________ 3. God promised to shed no tears for any city of Moab. __ _________ 4. There shall be both singing and shouting in the vineyards. __ _________ 5. The remnant of Moab was to be very small and feeble. __ _________ 6. Damascus was taken away from being a city. __ _________ 7. The cities of Aroer were to become resting places for flocks. __ _________ 8. There is a verse that mentions both grapes and berries. __ _________ 9. A blessing was pronounced upon the multitude that made a noise like the noise of the seas. __ _________10. At times God rebukes nations. __ _________11. There was a land spoiled by rivers. __ _________12. On the mountains an ensign was to be lifted up. __ _________13. The Lord planned to cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks. __ _________14. A people scattered and peeled was to bring a present unto the Lord. __ _________15. The name of the Lord of host was not in mount Zion. __ _________16. It was prophesied that a fierce king would rule over Egypt. __ _________17. The workers in fine flax were never to be confounded. __ _________18. The counsel of Pharaoh's counsellors became brutish. __ _________19. Cities of Egypt were to speak the language of Canaan. __ _________20. The Lord promised to heal Egypt. __ _________21. Tartan fought against Ashdod and took it. __ _________22. Isaiah once walked naked and barefoot. __ _________23. Isaiah prophesied that Assyria would conquer Egypt. __ _________24. Young prisoners were uncovered to the shame of Egypt. __ _________25. Assyria was ashamed of Ethiopia. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. How shall the daughters of Moab be at the fords of Arnon? ________________________________ _________27. In chapter 16, what country does Isaiah counsel?________________________________________ _________28. What was the most outstanding sin of Moab? __________________________________________ _________29. When shall Moab come to his sanctuary to pray?________________________________________ _________30. What nation does Isaiah discuss in chapter 17?_________________________________________ _________31. Whose glory was to be made thin? ___________________________________________________ _________32. List a three word statement spoken more than once in chapter 17?__________________________ _________33. What were the two last sins mentioned in chapter 17?____________________________________ _________34. What nation is condemned in chapter 18?______________________________________________ _________35. Who were sent by the sea in vessels of bulrushes? ______________________________________ _________36. Who said, "I will take my rest"? ______________________________________________________ _________37. Upon what were the fowls to summer and the beast to winter? _____________________________ _________38. What nation's burden was Isaiah discussing in chapter 19?________________________________ _________39. Against whom were the Egyptians to be set?____________________________________________ _________40. List three countries mentioned in chapter 19?____________________________________________ _________41. What position was Israel to hold with the other countries? _________________________________ _________42. When did Tartan come against Ashdod?________________________________________________ _________43. How long did Isaiah walk naked and barefoot? ___________________________________________ _________44. To whom was Isaiah a sign and a wonder? ______________________________________________ _________45. Who said, "How shall we escape?" ____________________________________________________

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