Assignment: Isaiah 21-25.  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)

TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. God made the sighing of Media to cease. __ _________ 2. The princes were to anoint the shield. __ _________ 3. The word "builder" is mentioned 6 times in chapter 21. __ _________ 4. All the graven images of Babylon were broken unto the ground. __ _________ 5. Isaiah prophesied that all the glory of Kedar would be established. __ _________ 6. The men of the tumultuous city were slain with the sword. __ _________ 7. God was partially responsible for the day of trouble. __ _________ 8. Houses were broken down to fortify the walls of Jerusalem. __ _________ 9. Shebna was to be buried in the sepulchre which he prepared for himself. __ _________10. The key of David's house was to be laid upon the shoulder of Bilkiah. __ _________11. Tarshish had a navy of ships. __ _________12. The merchants of Zidon replenished the isles of the sea. __ _________13. The Chaldeans were founded by the nation of Assyria. __ _________14. The strength of Tarshish was never laid waste. __ _________15. The Lord promised to visit Tyre with seventy years of judgment. __ _________16. Sometimes the Lord scatters abroad the inhabitants of the earth. __ _________17. It is possible for people to defile the earth. __ _________18. Isaiah indicated that men would drink wine with a song. __ _________19. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard. __ _________20. When the Lord reigns in mount Zion, the sun shall be ashamed. __ _________21. The Lord promised to make unto all people a feast of fat things. __ _________22. The Lord is strength to the poor. __ _________23. God will swallow death in victory and wipe away the tears. __ _________24. God is mentioned as stretching forth his hands as a swimmer. __ _________25. Pride and spoils were the two major sins of Moab. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. From where did the whirlwinds come? __________________________________________________ _________27. About whose burden was Isaiah speaking when he said, "Watchman, what of the night?" ________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________28. List eight countries or towns mentioned in chapter 21 _____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________29. Where were the traveling companies of Dedanim to lodge? _________________________________ _________30. To what place had the people of the valley of vision gone? __________________________________ _________31. Who bore the quiver with chariots of men and horsemen? __________________________________ _________32. Who was to be tossed like a ball into a large country? _____________________________________ _________33. Who was to be clothed with Shebna's robe? _____________________________________________ _________34. List 8 countries mentioned in chapter 23 ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________35. What place was known as a mart of nations? _____________________________________________ _________36. Traffickers of what country were the honorable of the earth? __________________________________ _________37. Who stretched out his hand over the sea and shook the kingdoms? ___________________________ _________38. How many times is "so with" mentioned in 24:2? __________________________________________ _________39. What did joy become in the city of confusion? ____________________________________________ _________40. Who was to be glorified in the isles of the sea? ___________________________________________ _________41. How did the treacherous dealers deal? __________________________________________________ _________42. What are the counsels of old? _________________________________________________________ _________43. Who shall the city of the terrible nations fear? ____________________________________________ _________44. What did God intend to destroy that was spread over all nations? ____________________________ _________45. What country was to be trodden down as straw? __________________________________________

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