Assignment: Leviticus 1-5  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)
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TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. The Lord called unto Moses, and spake unto him out of the Tabernacle of the congregation. __ _________ 2. The first chapter deals mostly with the burnt offering. __ _________ 3. The burnt offering was compulsory for the individual. __ _________ 4. The priest was to kill the burnt offering. __ _________ 5. The burnt offering could only be a lamb. __ _________ 6. In the meat offering, really no flesh was involved. __ _________ 7. The meat offering could either be baked in the oven or a pan. __ _________ 8. Part of the meat offering was to be burned in the fire and another part retained by the priest. __ _________ 9. Neither honey nor leaven was to be offered with the meat offering. __ _________10. Oil was to be offered with all the meat offerings. __ _________11. The peace offering could be a male or a female of the herd. __ _________12. The individual who offered the peace offering was to lay his hands on its head. __ _________13. Three different animals could be offered in the peace offering. __ _________14. In each type of peace offering, blood was to be sprinkled. __ _________15. The people were neither to eat fat nor blood. __ _________16. It is possible to sin against God through ignorance. __ _________17. In the sin offering the blood was to be poured under the altar. __ _________18. A sin offering for a ruler could be a kid of the goats. __ _________19. Some sin offerings were to be burned without the camp. __ _________20. There was a sin offering for the common people. __ _________21. Two young pigeons might be offered for a trespass offering. __ _________22. If a person were very poor, he might offer the tenth part of an ephah of fine flour. __ _________23. The priest was to offer the individualís trespass offering. __ _________24. A person was not guilty if he sinned through ignorance. __ _________25. A ram could also be used as a trespass offering. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. What could be offered as a burnt offering?___________________________________________ _________27. Who was to kill the burnt offering?_________________________________________________ _________28. What part of the burnt offering was to be burned by fire?_______________________________ _________29. How was the fowl of the burnt offering to be killed? ___________________________________ _________30. In the meat offering, along with the fine flour, what two things were to be offered? ___________________________________________________________________________ _________31. If cakes or wafers were offered, how were they cooked?_______________________________ _________32. That which was left of the meat offering was given to._________________________________ _________33. With what was every oblation of the meat offering seasoned?___________________________ _________34. Who was to kill the peace offering?________________________________________________ _________35. Give two characteristics of the peace offering from the herd. ___________________________ _________36. Name three kinds of animals which could be offered as a peace offering.___________________ _________37. All of the fat of the peace offering belonged to ________________________________________ _________38. What animal was the priest to offer for his sin offering?_________________________________ _________39. What animal was to be offered if the whole congregation sinned?________________________ _________40. What animal was to be offered for the sin of a ruler? __________________________________ _________41. What was to be offered for the common people?______________________________________ _________42. List the five offerings discussed in these five chapters._________________________________ _________43. Which of the five offerings deals with the individualís salvation?___________________________ _________44. Which deals with his sanctification? _________________ With his peace?_________________ _________45. Which deals with his life of suffering?________________________________________________ With his consecration? __________________________________________________________

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