Assignment: Leviticus 21-27  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)
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TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. Aaron and his sons were to be a separated people. __ _________ 2. A priest was permitted to eat holy food even though he was unclean. __ _________ 3. Strangers who married a priest’s daughter might eat holy food. __ _________ 4. All burnt offerings were free-will offerings. __ _________ 5. One was permitted to kill a cow and her calf’ the same day. __ _________ 6. The passover was observed during the first month. __ _________ 7. There were thirteen animals offered on the 50th day feast. __ _________ 8. The feast of trumpets came during the seventh month. __ _________ 9. The feast of atonement came during the tenth month. __ _________10. The candlestick was to burn in the Holy Place continually. __ _________11. Twelve cakes of bread were to be placed daily on the table. __ _________12. A young man was stoned for his blaspheming. __ _________13. Moses taught, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." __ _________14. People were neither to sow nor reap during the seventh year. __ _________15. Every fiftieth year was a year of jubilee. __ _________16. Ten years after jubilee, land was more valuable than it was twenty years after jubilee. __ _________17. During the year of jubilee, every Hebrew slave was released. __ _________18. There was a law permitting Israelites to have slaves. __ _________19. God promised rain if the people would obey His laws. __ _________20. Five obedient Hebrews could put 10,000 to flight. __ _________21. God promised a curse of judgment upon the disobedient. __ _________22. To redeem a sanctified field, one must pay the estimation plus one-fifth. __ _________23. A sanctified house was one dedicated to God for service. __ _________24. All the tithe of the land belonged to the Lord. __ _________25. The book of Leviticus mostly contains laws regulating the priests and Levites. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. A common priest might defile himself by touching the dead bodies of what six nearest of kin?_____________________________________________ _________27. For whom might the high priest defile himself? __________________________ _________28. What did God prohibit a blemished priest to do? ________________________ _________29. A leprous priest was prohibited from eating_____________________________ _________30. What part of a man’s food should he give to the priest if he had eaten unwittingly?______________________________________________________ _________31. God said, "I will be ________________________________________among the children of Israel."__________________________________________________ _________32. On what day and month was the passover observed? ______________________ _________33. On what day and month was the feast of unleavened bread?_________________ _________34. On what day and month was the feast of first fruits?________________________ _________35. On what day and month was the feast of pentecost?________________________ _________36. On what day and month was the feast of trumpets?________________________ _________37. On what day and month was the feast of atonement?______________________ _________38. On what day and month was the feast of tabernacles?______________________ _________39. What type of oil was used in the candlestick?_____________________________ _________40. What punishment was imposed upon a murderer?_________________________ _________41. What was to happen to the land during the sabbath year?___________________ _________42. Who was appointed to appraise one’s vow?_______________________________ _________43. What two attributes are discussed in chapter 26?__________________________ _________44. When one offered himself or his house unto the Lord, it was called_____________ _________45. Information contained in Leviticus was given Moses in what mountain? __________

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