Assignment: Leviticus 6-10  (Click on assignment to read lesson online.)
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TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS.   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)

T /F  Chapter/Verse __ _________ 1. To make restitution in the trespass offering, one was supposed to re- turn the principal plus one fifth. __ _________ 2. The priest made atonement for the sinner before the Lord. __ _________ 3. The burnt offering was to burn all night. __ _________ 4. The fire of the altar was never to go out. __ _________ 5. The meat offering was to be offered with leaven. __ _________ 6. The trespass and sin offerings were governed by the same law. __ _________ 7. It was not acceptable to eat the flesh of peace offerings on the third day. __ _________ 8. The right shoulder of the peace offering belonged to the priest. __ _________ 9. There is one verse in chapter 7 which mentions 5 offerings. __ _________10. Only the fat of the peace offering could be eaten. __ _________11. In their consecration, Aaron and his sons were washed with water. __ _________12. The Urim and the Thummim were placed within the breastplate. __ _________13. Moses anointed and sanctified the Tabernacle. __ _________14. Part of the sin offering, in Aaronís consecration, was burned without the camp. __ _________15. In Aaronís consecration, three parts of his body were touched with the blood of a ram. __ _________16. On the 8th day of the priestís consecration 7 animals were offered. __ _________17. The congregation of Israel observed the consecration of Aaron. __ _________18. There was much sprinkling of blood during the consecration of the priest. __ _________19. When the fire fell, the people shouted and fell on their faces. __ _________20. The two oldest sons of Aaron were slain by the fire of God. __ _________21. Nadab offered strange fire before the Lord. __ _________22. Aaron uncovered his head and rent his clothes when his sons were slain. __ _________23. Drunkeness was likely the cause leading to their disobedience. __ _________24. All four of Aaronís sons disobeyed the Lord. __ _________25. Part of the sin offering belonged to the priest for food. ANSWER THE COMPLETION QUESTIONS.
Chapter/Verse _________26. Which chapters deal mostly with the laws of offerings?______________________________ _________27. If one had lied or stolen, what offering was he to make?_____________________________ _________28. What type of clothes was the priest to wear when he took the ashes away?____________ _________29. What other offering was offered in the place where the burnt offering was offered?_____________________________________________________________________ _________30. What part of the trespass offering was burned?_____________________________________ _________31. What part of the sin offering was burned?__________________________________________ _________32. What part of the peace offering was burned?________________________________________ _________33. What part of the meat offering was burned?_________________________________________ _________34. What part of the burnt offering was burned?_________________________________________ _________35. List 9 things which Moses put on Aaron after washing him with water.___________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________36. List the places on Aaronís body where blood was applied?____________________________ _________37. Of what offerings were the priests permitted to eat?_________________________________ _________38. What four offerings (not animals) did Moses request in Lev.9:1-4?_____________________ _________39. The blood of Aaronís sin offering was put___________________________________________ _________40. What three things of it were burned on the altar?___________________________________ _________41. What two parts of it were burned without the camp?__________________________________ _________42. Who were the two sons of Aaron who died before the Lord?____________________________ _________43. Who made the statement that caused Moses to be content?__________________________ _________44. What accusation did Moses bring against Eleazar and Ithamar?________________________ _________45. Who carried the dead boys from the sanctuary?_____________________________________

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