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This free online course is designed to build your knowledge of the Bible. To gain maximum benefit from this course, please read the Suggestions For Your Study.

You will need to print each lesson. Answer sheets are hyperlinked to each lesson for grading online. If you want to print the answers for grading offline, you can save paper and ink by using the answers sheets (four lessons per page) found HERE.

The lessons presented here are taken from the Crusaders Bible Course - Volume I - "Genesis - Ruth." Volume I is an eBook containing 50 lessons with answer sheets that you can download, print out and work off-line as your time permits. The lessons in the eBook contain no ads, will each print on one page saving you paper and ink, and provide a comprehensive Bible education at an extremely affordable price.

Table of Contents

All questions are formulated using the King James Version of the Bible.

Leviticus 1-5
    Answer Sheet
Leviticus 6-10
    Answer Sheet
Leviticus 11-15
    Answer Sheet
Leviticus 16-20
    Answer Sheet
Leviticus 21-27
    Answer Sheet

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