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Want to make and sale your own ebooks?

You'll find many tips and some great software programs here.

Four years ago when I began making web pages, I spent many, many hours scouring the web looking for software that would help make my job easier.

Before I began learning the HTML language, I used Publisher 98, which came installed on my computer. After I became somewhat proficient in the language, I switched to notepad, but now use Shalom Txt for a lot of my editing tasks. The following links will take you to pages explaining other programs or ebooks (most are free or inexpensive) that I have found very helpful. You'll also find free ebooks for making and maintaining a website.

As time permits, I'll be adding more links, so you might bookmark this page.

Favorite Resources
"Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self-Publishing"
FREE ebook
Make free logo or headers for your ebooks.
ACTIV EBOOK COMPLIER - My favorite compiler and the one I've used to make my ebooks!
Ebook Covers
Get 20 3D ebook cover templates FREE.

Shalom Text Editor
-a free text editor for editing flat text files with no formatting. Offers all the standard functions: (printing, print preview, popup menu, toolbar, find and replace, recent files list, etc). Includes several string manipulating tools like: Add To Each Line, Remove Characters From Each Line, Frame Lines and more.
Free Graphics, Pictures and Clipart

If you need a neat little program for organizing your addresses, recipes and many more items, check out AZZ Cardfile.
Outworld Arts
Free Templates For Your Ebook or Web Pages


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