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Dr. R. O. Corvin
Dr. R.O. Corvin

Possibly, no one influenced more people to study God's Word than Dr. Raymond O. Corvin. After you work just one lesson, you will realize more clearly why he had so many enthusiastic admirers, audiences which hung on his every word.

His lessons are not rules and principles, but common-sense essentials which Dr. Corvin found most important in his thousands of appearances in class rooms around the country. You'll be inspired and challenged by the thought-provoking lessons, which are featured on this site.


B.A. Newberry College
M.A. University of South Carolina
Th.B. Holmes Bible College
B.D. Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
D.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma



David and His Mighty Men
Looking at the Future Through the Eyes of Daniel
Christology of the Epistle to the Hebrews
The True Messiah vs. Pseudo-Messiahs
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, How Often
Religious and Educational Backgrounds in the Founding of Oral Roberts University


Dr. Corvin wrote 90 Bible courses for colleges, universities, local churches, evangelistic associations and missionary programs.


Dr. Corvin was born August 25, 1915 on a farm near Ada, Oklahoma. He was:
  • founder and first president of Southwestern Bible College in Oklahoma City for 16 years,
  • the first Dean of the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University from 1962 until 1968,
  • president of International Bible Seminars from 1969 until 1974
  • founder and president of Modular Education, Inc. from 1974 until 1981
He left this world on November 21, 1981 but left behind a grand legacy. Thousands of students and laymen have studied and been blessed by the books, courses and lesson plans he authored. So a man like R. O. Corvin never dies.

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