It Is Appointed Unto Man Once to Die
Death is not:
1. annihilation: to reduce to nothing or to non-existence.
2. cessation of existence: to exterminate completely body, soul, and spirit.

Death is separation:
1. A Spiritual Death: This death is caused when communion between God and man is broken by reason of the sins and trespasses of man. Man can be alive physically but dead in trespasses and sins.

2. A Physical Death: Physical death occurs when the soul is separated from the body. Life leaves the body and the physical part of man returns to the dust. The soul continues to exist either in a state of bliss or torture.

3. An Eternal Death: The eternal death known also as the second death where the wicked soul is resurrected to stand before the white throne judgment. He will be given a just judgment and sentenced eternally to the lake of fire and brimstone.

This lesson will discuss the dead man as set forth in the three types of separation.

The Dead Man in Trespasses and Sins
1. What did God say to Adam in Gen. 2:17? ________________________________________


It was not 930 years later that Adam died a spiritual death; it was that day. The shame of Adam and Eve, the sewing of fig leaves to make aprons, the fear of facing God and God's pronounced judgment bear witness that they were out of communion and fellowship with God. Thus Adam and Eve were dead.

2. What did Jesus say to a potential disciple in Matt. 8:21, 22?__________________



Here Jesus recognized two types of dead people. It is a picture of the dead burying the dead. Those who were dead in trespasses and sins on that occasion were to bury those who were physically dead.

3. What did Paul say in Romans 6:12? ____________________________________________


Paul speaks here of a death that entered the world by the sin of Adam. This death or separation from God touches all men.

4. What did Paul say in Eph.2:1-5?_______________________________________________


This is a clear picture of those who are dead in trespasses and sins.

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