Commentary - Page 2

Physical Death
1. What did God say to Adam in Gen. 3:19?___________________________________________

This was God's pronouncement of a physical death upon Adam.  Though he lived 930 years
(Gen.  5:5), he could not escape the judgment of physical death. Other than Enoch and Elijah
in past history, no others have escaped death. Even these two may become the two witnesses
of Revelation 11. If they do, they too shall die. Following the physical death, all men and 
women must face the judgment.

2. What did the writer say in Heb. 9:27?______________________________________________

3. Examples of persons who died the physical death.
    A. Gen. 5:27 - He died at a very old age. ____________________________________________
    B. Gen. 35:19 - A beloved wife who died. _____________________________________________
    C. Gen. 25:8 - He was buried in the cave of Machpelah. _______________________________
    D. Deut. 34:7 - At the age of 120, he died. __________________________________________
    E. Mark 15:44 - By crucifixion he died. ______________________________________________

Eternal Death
Eternal death is the second death and the final judgment for the wicked. It takes place at the 
close of the millenium, a thousand years after the judgment of the living nations (Matt. 25). 
It is a judgment of the dead, including Satan, fallen angels, and lost human beings. The final
destiny is eternal separation from God and from all of his love and mercy. The place to 
which they go is the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

 1. Search Rev. 19:20 and list the first two who will be placed into the lake of fire.
 2. In verse 21, how will the remnant on earth be slain? _______________________________

A Review of Revelation 20
 3. Who had the key to the bottomless pit?____________________________________________
 4. What did he have in his hand?_____________________________________________________
 5. On whom did he lay hold?__________________________________________________________
 6. List his other names. ____________________________________________________________
 7. For how long was he bound? _______________________________________________________
 8. He was restrained from deceiving whom? ___________________________________________
 9. For how long will he be loosed? _________________________________________________
10. How long are the righteous to live and reign with Christ? ________________________
11. What two characteristics must one have to participate in the first resurrection? 
12. What has no power upon those who participate in the first resurrection?
13. What shall they be unto God? _____________________________________________________
14. When the thousand years are expired, who shall be loosed for a little season?
15. At that time, whom shall he deceive? ______________________________________________
16. Why does he gather them together? _________________________________________________
17. What city did they compass? ________________________________________________________
18. How were they destroyed? __________________________________________________________
19. Who was the third person to be cast into the lake of fire? __________________________
20. How long had the other two been there? _____________________________________________
21. In verse 11, what did John see? ____________________________________________________
22. Whom did John see stand before God? _______________________________________________
23. In what place are records kept against the wicked? _________________________________
24. According to what shall they be judged? ____________________________________________
25. What two compartments shall be delivered up and cast into the lake of fire?__________