Death - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:
1. Annihilation              4.Spiritual Death        7. Trespass         10. Lake of fire
2. Cessation of existence    5. Physical Death        8. Shame
3. Separation                6. Eternal Death         9. White Throne

Give the right word:
_______________11. To reduce to nothing or to non-existence.
_______________12. To exterminate completely body, soul, and spirit.
_______________13. Removal of one part from another, disunite, disconnect, sever.
_______________14. This death is caused when communion between God and man is broken by reason 
                    of the sins and trespasses of man.
_______________15. This type of death occurs when the soul leaves the body.
_______________16. This is known as the second death where the wicked soul resurrected to
                   stand before the White Throne Judgment. He will be given a just judgment
                   and sentenced eternally to the lake of fire.
_______________17. To exceed the bounds of what is legal, right, or just; to sin, to offend.
_______________18. Painful emotion excited by consciousness of guilt for sins committed.
_______________19. A place where the wicked dead shall stand for judgment and sentencing.
_______________20. The final abode for all of the wicked.

Questions about Death
_______________21. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, what death did they die that day?
_______________22. In Matt. 8:22, about how many types of the dead did Jesus speak?
_______________23. In Rom. 6:11, since death is a separation, unto what did Paul advise one to 
                   be dead?
_______________24. In Eph. 2:1, about what type of death is Paul writing?
_______________25. In Gen. 3:19, what type of death is God talking about?
_______________26. In Heb. 9:27, what type of death is meant?
_______________27. In John 11:14, who died a physical death?
_______________28. In Rev. 19:20, who were the first two to be placed into the lake of fire?
_______________29. In Rev. 20:10, who was the third person placed into the lake of fire?
_______________30. In Rev. 20: 15, where were the people placed?
_______________31. In Gen. 5:27, at what age did Methusalah suffer physical death?
_______________32. In Gen. 35:20, which wife of Jacob had died a physical death?
_______________33. In Gen. 25:9, who was buried in the cave of Machpelah?
_______________34. In Deut. 34:7, who died at the age of 120?
_______________35. In Mark 15:44, who died a physical death by crucifixion?

Review of Revelation 20:
_______________36. Who had the key to the bottomless pit?
_______________37. What did he have in his hand?
_______________38. On whom did he lay hold?
_______________39. How long was he bound?
_______________40. He was restrained from deceiving whom?
_______________41. For how long will he be loosed?
_______________42. How long will the victorious ones reign with Christ?
_______________43. In  what  resurrection  will  the  blessed   and   holy   participate?
_______________44. For whom is the second resurrection?
_______________45. When the 1,000 years are expired, who shall be loosed?
_______________46. At that time, whom shall he deceive?
_______________47. What city did they compass?
_______________48. Whom did John see stand before God?
_______________49. What throne did they stand before for judgment?
_______________50. What is this death named?