Identify Characters and Events

Assignment: Judges 4-5.

Identify the characters, tribes, and people involved in Deborah's life.
_________1. The husband of Deborah.                                        A. Sisera
_________2. The king of the Canaanites who oppressed Israel.               B. Heber
_________3. The captain of the host of the Canaanite army.                 C. Abinoam
_________4. The person whom Deborah selected to lead Israel.               D. Zebulun
_________5. A Kenite man who lived near Kedesh.                            E. Reuben
_________6. A Kenite woman who killed a captain.                           F. Meroz
_________7. The father of the Israeli general.                             G. Jael
_________8. Men who handle the pen of the writer.                          H. Barak
_________9. A tribe that had great reasoning in heart, but did nothing.    I. Lapidoth
________10. A people cursed because they helped not the Lord.              J. Jabin

Arrange the following events in chronological order.
_________1. a. Barak went up with 10,000 men at his feet.
_________2. b. Sisera came against Barak with 900 chariots of iron.
_________3. c. Barak went down from Mount Tabor.
_________4. d. Defeated Sisera left his chariot and fled on foot.
_________5. e. Barak destroyed completely the army of Canaan.
_________6. f. After Ehud, the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord.
_________7. g. The Lord sold the children of Israel into the hand of Jabin.
_________8. h. The children of Israel cried unto the Lord.
_________9. i. Deborah judged Israel under a palm tree.
________10. j. Deborah called Barak to lead the armyof Israel.
________11. k. Sisera came to the home of Heber.
________12. 1. Sisera, being weary, went to sleep.
________13. m. Jael drove a nail into his temples.
________14. n. Deborah and Barak sang a song.
________15. o. It was reported that the governors of Israel offered 
               themselves willingly.

Relate the places and the events.
______1.The place where the king of Canaan reigned.                A.Mount Tabor
______2.The place where Sisera and the army stayed.                B.Kishon
______3.The place where Deborah judged Israel.                     C.Tent of Jael
______4.The place where Barak lived.                               D.Magiddo
______5.The place where Jaet lived.                                E.Meroz
______6.The place where the army assembled with Barak.             F.Zaanaim
______7.Sisera was defeated near what river?                       G.Kedesh-naphtali
______8.Where was Sisera when he asked for a little water?         H.Under a palm tree
______9.Near the waters of what town did the kings of              I.Harosheth
        Canaan fight?                                              
_____10.The angel placed a curse upon the people of what town?     J.Hazor

True-False Questions from the Story of Deborah
______ 1. Because of sin, Israel was sold into bondage.
______ 2. Deborah was without a husband when she judged.
______ 3. The Canaanites had the military advantage.
______ 4. There were many weapons among the Israelites.
______ 5. It was under a palm tree that Deborah judged Israel.
______ 6. Barak had reservations regarding Deborah's fighting venture.
______ 7. The Reubenites were the first to respond to Deborah's call.
______ 8. The men of Zebulun offered themselves willingly.
______ 9. The men of Asher were too busy to go to Tabor.
______10. The blessings of God were pronounced upon Meroz.