Deborah - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:

1. Deborah        4. Jabin          7. Dan        10. Nephtali
2. Lapidoth       5. Sisera         8. Asher              
3. Barak          6. Reuben         9. Zebulon            

Give the right name:
_____________11. The only woman judge that Israel had.
_____________12. The husband of the woman judge.
_____________13. The general that led her army.
_____________14. The king of the enemy army.
_____________15. The general of the enemy army.
_____________16. A tribe in Israel that had only reasoning of heart.
_____________17. They sailed little ships up and down the sea shore.
_____________18. Those of this tribe fished in the creeks.
_____________19. Men from this tribe fought for her.
_____________20. Men from this tribe joined Zebulon and helped.

Identify the following:
_____________21.The place where the king of Canaan reigned.
_____________22.The place where Sisera and the army stayed.
_____________23.The place where Deborah judged Israel.
_____________24.The place where Barak lived.
_____________25.The place where Jael lived.
_____________26.The place where the army assembled with Barak.
_____________27.The river where Sisera was defeated.
_____________28.The place where Sisera asked for a little water.
_____________29.Near the waters of what town did the kings of Canaan fight?
_____________30.An angel placed a curse upon the people of what town?

True - False Questions:
_____________31.Because of sin, Israel was sold into bondage.
_____________32.Deborah was without a husband when she judged.
_____________33.The Canaanites had the militarY advantage.
_____________34.There were many weapons among the Israelites.
_____________35.It was under a palm tree that Deborah judged Israel.
_____________36.Barak had reservations regarding Deborah's fighting venture.
_____________37.The Reubenites were the first to respond to Deborah's call.
_____________38.The men of Zebulon offered themselves willingly.
_____________39.The men of Asher were too busy to go to Tabor.
_____________40.The blessings of God were pronounced upon Meroz.

Other Questions:
_____________41.How many men accompanied Barak in the war?
_____________42.How many chariots of iron did Sisera have?
_____________43.On what mountain did Barak assemble his army?
_____________44.Who was the general that left his chariot and fled on foot?
_____________45.The army of what people was destroyed?
_____________46.Who judged Israel under a palm tree?
_____________47.Who was the husband of Jael?
_____________48.In what woman's tent did Sisera sleep?
_____________49.What was driven through Sisera's temples?
_____________50.Who wrote a song of victory?