Truths I Should Believe About Man - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:       
1.  Original             4. Inbreathing              7. Moral               10. Responsible
2.  Evolution            5. Soul                     8. Free Being
3.  Hypothesis           6. Intellectual             9. Social

Give the right word:
_______________11.Pertaining to the first, beginning, not a copy.
_______________12.A theory that present organisms evolved from previous interior organisms.
_______________13.A tentative, supposed, or implied theory.
_______________14.To infuse by breathing; to inspire.
_______________15.The individual's essential life, immortal and separate from the body.
_______________16.The ability to understand and respond rationally.
_______________17.Pertaining to character and to right and wrong actions.
_______________18.An intelligent being with power to choose right or wrong.
_______________19.Science of the activities of the group.
_______________20.Liable and accountable for decisions and actions.

True- False Questions about Man.
_____21.God made man in their image and after their likeness.
_____22.According to Eph. 4:24, man is made in God's likeness in righteousness and true 
_____23.God gave man dominion over all the earth.
_____24.It was God's will for man to multiply and subdue the earth.
_____25.In the beginning God gave man only vegetables to eat.
_____26.In the beginning God gave animals flesh to eat.
_____27.The physical part of man was formed from the dust.
_____28.God breathed the spiritual part of man into the physical.
_____29.God both created and made man in His likeness.
_____30.Male and female created he them and called them Adam.

Questions about the Origin of Man:
_______________31.The theory of the evolving of man from lower orders of beings is at 
                   best an unproven what?
_______________32.Who was the man who first advocated evolution?
_______________33.After a hundred years and more, the theory of evolution is unproven and 
_______________34.The gap between the animalistic kingdom and human is so vast that it is
_______________35.The Bible clearly attributes the creation of man as an act of whom?
_______________36.There are two great questions that natural evolution does not answer about
                  man.  The first is, "When does he become  morally responsible to 
                  the law of God?"  and the second one is, "When does he become capable of 
                  gaining what?"
_______________37.Out of what did God form the original, physical part of man?
_______________38.How did man receive his soul, his immortal being?
_______________39.In whose likeness and image was man created?
_______________40.According to Eph. 4:24, in addition to true holiness, in what likeness to 
                  God  was man created?

Additional Questions about Man:
_______________41.There are two types of creation: immediate and mediate. Which one did 
                  God use in creating man?
_______________42.The fact that Adam communicated with others and named the beasts of the 
                  field proves that he was what type of being?
_______________43.The fact that Adam knew right from wrong proves he was what type of 
_______________44.The fact that he had the power to make his choices proves that he was 
                  what type of man?
_______________45.The fact that Adam had fellowship with God, with Eve and with his children 
                  proves that he was what type of being?
_______________46.The fact that Adam was given dominion over the creation proves that he
                  was what kind of being?
_______________47.The fact that Adam chose to disobey God and rebelled against Him proves
                  that he was what kind of being?
_______________48.The fact that God loved man, slew animals for his sake and sent His Son 
                  to die for him proves that man is what type of being?
_______________49.Who was Adam's first son?
_______________50.How old was Adam when he died?


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