Identify Characters and Events

Assignment: Book of Ruth

_____ 1. The time of Ruth came during the reign of the judges.
_____ 2. Before going to Moab, Elimelech lived in Jerusalem.
_____ 3. Naomi took two of her daughters with her to Moab.
_____ 4. Mahlon was an Ephrathite.
_____ 5. Orpah was of the tribe of Judah.
_____ 6. Naomi was happy and greatly blessed of the Lord in Moab.
_____ 7. Ruth is best known for her decision to journey with Naomi.
_____ 8. Disappointments caused Naomi to change her name.
_____ 9. The nearest kinsman to Elimelech was Boaz.
_____10. Ruth could be classified as a willing worker.

Arrange the events in chronological order.
_____ 1.  a. Ruth went to the fields to glean ears of corn.
_____ 2.  b. Boaz said, "Whose damsel is this?"
_____ 3.  c. Boaz said, "Reproach her not."
_____ 4.  d. Ruth took an ephah of barley home to Naomi.
_____ 5.  e. The end of barley harvest came.
_____ 6.  f. A famine came in the land.
_____ 7.  g. Elimelech and his wife Naomi and their sons went to Moab.
_____ 8.  h. Elimelech and his two sons died in Moab.                                                
_____ 9.  i. Naomi decided to return to her people in Bethlehem.
_____10.  j. Ruth decided to accompany her mother-in-law to Bethlehem,
_____11.  k. Boaz thrashed barley in the thrashing floor.
_____12.  l. At midnight, Boaz discovered Ruth at his feet.
_____13.  m. To his kinsman Boaz said, "Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here."
_____14.  n. The kinsman took off his shoe.
_____15.  o. Obed was born to Boaz and Ruth.

Relate the locations to the events and persons.
_____  1. The hometown of Elimelech.                            A.Ten years
_____  2. The country where Mahlon and Chillon died.            B.Judah
_____  3. How tong was Naomi in the land of Moab?               C.Threshing floor
_____  4. Upon leaving Moab, Naomi and Ruth journeyed           D.At the city gate
          toward what land?                                     E.Bethlehem
_____  5. Where did Ruth glean barley?                          F.Salmon
_____  6. Where did Boaz thrash his barley?                     G.Rahab
_____  7. Where did Boaz meet his kinsman?                      H.Ruth
_____  8. Who was the father of Boaz?                           I.Field of
_____  9. Who was the mother of Boaz?                           J.Moab
_____ 10. Who was the great grandmother of David?

True-False Questions from the written Story of Ruth
_____  1. The decision that Ruth made was an easy one.
_____  2. David's decision led to his being crowned as king.
_____  3. Daniel's decision had to do with what he would eat.
_____  4. Ruth's first husband was a Moabite.
_____  5. Naomi never changed from her pleasant attitude.
_____  6. Ruth's religion called for a change from her national religion.
_____  7. Unless there is a risk,there is no faith.
_____  8. Though Ruth made her decision, she occasionally faltered in its implementation.
_____  9. Her marriage to Boaz proved to be of little value to her.
_____ 10. Ruth was an ancestor of Jesus Christ.