Ruth - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:

1.   Ruth         4. Elimelech          7. Boaz          10. Obed    
2.   Naomi        5. Marion             8. Rahab            
3.   Orpah        6. Chillon            9. Salmon 

Give the right name:
_______________11.The Moabitess who accompanied Naomi to Judah.
_______________12.The wife of Elimelech who went back to Bethlehem.
_______________13.She lifted up her voice and wept, but stayed in Moab.
_______________14.The husband of Naomi.
_______________15.Son of Naomi and Elimelech who married Ruth.
_______________16.Son of Naomi and Elimelech who married Orpah.
_______________17.The kinsman redeemer who married Ruth.
_______________18.The mother of Boaz.
_______________19.The father of Boaz.
_______________20.The son of Boaz and Ruth.

True - False Questions:
_____21.The time of Ruth came during the reign of the Judges.
_____22.Before going to Moab, Elimetech lived in Jerusalem.
_____23.Naomi took two of her daughters to Moab.
_____24.Mahlon was an Ephrathite.
_____25.Orpah was of the tribe of Judah.
_____26.Naomi was happy and greatly blessed of the Lord in Moab.
_____27.Ruth is well known for her decision to journey with Naomi.
_____28.Disappointments caused Naomi to change her name.
_____29.The nearest kinsman to Elirrielech was Boaz.
_____30.Ruth could be classed as a willing worker.

Questions about Locations and Events:
_______________31. What was the home town of Elimelech?
_______________32. The country where Mahlon and Chillon died.
_______________33. How long was Naomi in the land of Moab?
_______________34. Leaving Moab, where did Naomi and Ruth go?
_______________35. In whose field did Ruth glean barley?
_______________36. The fields of Boaz were near what town?
_______________37. Where did Boaz meet his kinsman?
_______________38. Who was the father of Boaz?
_______________39. Who was the mother of Boaz?
_______________40. Who was the great grandmother of David?

True - False Questions:
_____41.The decision that Ruth made was an easy one.
_____42.David's decision led to his being crowned as king.
_____43.Daniel's decision had to do with what he would eat.
_____44.Ruth's first husband was a Moabite.
_____45.Naomi never changed from her pleasant attitude.
_____46.Ruth's decision called for a change from her national religion.
_____47.Unless there is a risk, there is no faith.
_____48.Though Ruth made her decision, she later faltered.
_____49.Her marriage to Boaz proved to be of little value to her.
_____50.Ruth was an ancestor of Jesus Christ.