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List the following events in chronological order.

_________ 1. a. With Abraham she left the Ur of the Chaldees.
_________ 2. b. She lived in Haran for some 15 years.
_________ 3. c. Abraham took Sarah and went into the land of Canaan.
_________ 4. d. Abraham built an altar between Bethel and Hai.
_________ 5. e. Sarah accompanied her husband into Egypt.
_________ 6. f. Sarai's name was changed to Sarah.
_________ 7. g. Sarah laughed within herself at the announcement of an angel.
_________ 8. h. Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in old age.
_________ 9. i. Sarah cast Hagar out after the birth and weaning of Isaac.
_________10. j. At the age of 127, Sarah died.
_________11. k. Abraham and Sarah went up out of Egypt.
_________12. 1. There was strife between the herdmen of Lot and those of Abraham.
_________13. m. Lot proved himself selfish in his choosing the Jordan Valley.
_________14. n. Abraham delivered Lot from his enemies.
_________15. o. Sarah gave Hagar, her maid, to Abraham.

Relate the locations to the events.

____________ 1. In what place was Sarah born?                    A. Moreh
____________ 2. At what place did Abraham first build an altar?  B. Egypt
____________ 3. In what country did Sarah meet Pharaoh?          C. Kiriatharba
____________ 4. Where did the angel of the Lord find Hagar?      D. Ur
____________ 5. Where was Sarah when the three angels came?      E. Moriah
____________ 6. On what mountain did Abraham offer Isaac?        F. Machpelah
____________ 7. Where was the ram caught by the horns that
                Abraham offered?                                 G. By a fountain
____________ 8. What town did Abimelech, the Philistine, rule?   H. Gerar
____________ 9. In what town did Sarah die?                      I. In a thicket
____________10. Where was Sarah buried?                          J. Plains of Mamre

Completion questions from the written work on Sarah.

1. What service did Sarah render to the visitors? _____________________________
2. Give a statement made about Sarah.__________________________________________
3. Having heard the statement, what did she do? _______________________________
4. What did Abram build near Bethel? __________________________________________
5. Who was Abraham's nephew? __________________________________________________


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