Sarah - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:
                      1.   Sarah                            6.    Hagar
                      2.   Abraham                          7.    Ishmael
                      3.   Isaac                            8.    Pharaoh
                      4.   Terah                            9.    Amraphel
                      5.   Lot                              10.   Melchizedek

Select the right name from the words above:

________________11. Wife of Abraham who became mother of Isaac.
________________12. The husband of Sarah and father of the faithful.
________________13. The son of Abraham and Sarah.
________________14. The father of Abraham.
________________15. The nephew of Abraham who separated from him.
________________16. The handmaid of Sarah, but driven from Abraham's home.
________________17. The first born of Abraham and son of Hagar.
________________18. An Egyptian ruler's house where Sarah lived.
________________19. A king of Shinar whom Abraham fought.
________________20. Ruler of Jerusalem, priest of God to whom Abraham paid tithes.

Places Related to the Life of Sarah:

________________21. In what place was Sarah born?
________________22. At what place did Abraham first build?
________________23. Where did the angel of the Lord find Hagar?
________________24. In what country did Sarah meet Pharaoh?
________________25. In what place was Sarah when the three angels came?
________________26. On what mountain did Abraham offer Isaac?
________________27. Where was the ram caught that Abraham offered?
________________28. What town did Abimelech rule?
________________29. In what town did Sarah die?
________________30. Where was Sarah buried?

Events in Sarah's Life:

________________31. From what place did she begin her westward journey?
________________32. She lived in this place 15 years.
________________33. Leaving Haran, into what land did she and Abraham go?
________________34. Abraham built an altar between Bethel and what place?
________________35. To what southern foreign land did they go?
________________36. What was her name before it was Sarah?
________________37. What did Sarah do when angels announced that she would be a 
________________38. How old was she when Isaac was born?
________________39. How old was she when she died?
________________40. Who was her daughter-in-law whom she never saw?

True or False Questions about Sarah:

_______41. Sarah married her half brother.
_______42. Sarah had an Egyptian handmaid.
_______43. Sarah always loved her handmaid.
_______44. Sarah and Abraham always agreed on everything.
_______45. Sarah was a very beautiful woman.
_______46. Sarah outlived Abraham.
_______47. Sarah always believed everything angels said.
_______48. She went to Egypt with Abraham. but did not return with him.
_______49. Her son, Isaac, was older than Ishmael.
_______50. Sarah gave Hagar her maid to Abraham.


©1978 by R.O.Corvin