Unity and Trinity of God - Page 7

Holy Spirit: By this term is meant that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Holy Trinity, is of one essence with the Father and the Son, being co-equal and co-eternal and possessing all prerogatives and attributes of deity; who proceeds from the Father and the Son to administer the work and affairs regarding the will of God in the kingdom.

Person: By this term as related to the Trinity, we mean that the Father has all characteristics that verify His personality, that the Son has all characteristics that verify His personality, and that the Holy Spirit has all characteristics that verify His personality; that, although each is a personality and clearly distinguished as a person, and although there are three persons and each is a divine person; yet there are not three Gods, only one God, one in unity, one in essence, but three Persons in the Trinity.

Essence: In relation to the Unity and Trinity of God we hold the following words as synonymous and as having almost identical meaning: essence, substance, being, spirit. By the term "essence" is meant the existence of a thing or being. It is that which underlies all outward manifestations and is permanent and unchangeable; that in which qualities or characteristics inhere; that which constitutes what anything is; the essential element or components. In reference to God, there is only one essential element: God is Spirit, Christ is Spirit, the Holy Ghost is Spirit. The three are of one essence, one substance, one being, one spirit.

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