Unity and Trinity of God - Drill

Memorize the spelling of the following words:       

1.   Unity                                   6.    Dualism
2.   Trinity                                 7.    Judaism
3.   Monotheism                              8.    Mohammedanism
4.   Tritheism                               9.    Christianity
5.   Polytheism                              10.   Essence

Give the right word:
__________11. By this term is meant that there is but one God and that the divine
              nature is undivided and indivisible.
__________12. By this term is meant that there are three eternal Persons in
              one divine essence, known respectively as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
__________13. This term expresses a belief in one God.
__________14. A belief in three Gods distinctive and apart.
__________15. A belief in the existence of many godsl
__________16. A belief in two opposing forces of equal power, origin, and duration.
__________17. The religion of the Jews.
__________18. The religion of the followers of Jesus Christ.
__________19. The substance or nature of the being, especially God's being.
__________20. The religion of the Muslims.

Old Testament Scriptures that Declare the Unity of God:
21. In Deut. 6:4 - Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is ________________.
22. In Deut. 4:39 - The Lord he is God ....____________________________.               
23. In Isa. 45:6 - I am the_______________, and there is none else.
24. In Deut. 4:35 - The Lord he is God ....________________________.
25. In Deut. 5:7 - Thou shalt have no other _________ before me.
26. In Exod. 8:10 - There is none like unto the Lord our____________ .
27. In Exod. 15:18 - The __________shall reign for ever and ever.
28. In Isa. 37:20 - Thou art the ____________, even thou only.
29. In Exod. 9:14 - That thou mayest know that there is _____________ in the earth.
30. In.II Sam. 7:22 - Neither is there any ________________beside thee.

Old Testament Scriptures that Imply the Trinity of God:
____________31. An Old Testament plural name used with a singular verb.
____________32. In Gen. 1:26, give two pronouns referring to God that implies the 
____________33. In Gen. 11:7, give a pronoun referring to God that implies
                the Trinity.
____________34. In Isa. 6:8, give a pronoun referring to God that implies
                the Trinity.
____________35. In Gen. 1:2, who was doing the acting?

New Testament Scriptures that Uphold the Unity of God:
36. In I Cor. 8:4 - There is none other God but ____.
37. In Mark 12:32 - There is ____ God; and there is none other but he.
38. In I Cor. 12:6 - But it is the__________ which worketh all in all.
39. In Eph. 4:6 - _____________God and Father of all.
40. In John 17:3 - That they might know thee the_________ true God.

New Testament Scriptures that Uphold the Trinity of God:
________________________41. In Matt. 3:16, 17, who spoke from heaven?
________________________    Who descended in the form of a dove?
________________________    Who was baptized?
________________________42. In Matt.28:16, 17, name the three persons in whose name
                             one is to be baptized.
________________________43. In II Cor. 13:14, name the three mentioned.
________________________44. In John 14:16, 17,  who is the "I"?
________________________    To whom did Jesus pray?
________________________    Who is the Comforter?
________________________45. In Luke 1:35,  who was to overshadow Mary?
________________________    Whose power was involved?
________________________    Whose birth was foretold?
________________________46. In Luke 2:27, 28, by whom did Simeon come?
________________________    Who was brought in?
________________________    Whom did Simeon bless?
________________________47. In John 3:1-8, Whom did Nicodemus call Rabbi?
________________________    From whom did Jesus come?
________________________    Of what was one to be born?
________________________48. In John 3:34, 35, Who did the sending?
________________________    Whom did he send?
________________________    Who was not given by measure to him?
________________________49. In Matt. 12:28, who is the "I"?
________________________    He cast out devils by whom?
________________________    Whose kingdom is come?
________________________50. In Luke 11:13, who is speaking?
________________________    Who is the heavenly one?
________________________    What will He give?


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