Truths I Should Believe - Drill

 Memorize the spelling of the following words:

 1. Bible                  4. Create             7. Intelligent           10. Quality
 2. Language               5. Write              8. Personality
 3. Communicate            6. Inspiration        9. Ability         

Give the right word:

____________11.The Book made up of writings inspired of God and of divine authority.
____________12.A means of expressing thought and feeling.
____________13.To impart information from one to another.
____________14.To bring into being, to cause to exist.
____________15.To inform by letters, words, sentences on paper or parchment by pen
               or pencil.
____________16.A supernatural influence which qualifies men to receive and 
               communicate divine truth.
____________17.Endowed with ability to think, reason, and communicate:
____________18.Quality or state of being personal with intellect, emotions, will.
____________19.Being able with power to perform, having skills and competancy.
____________20.Distinctive trait, power, capacity, or virtue.

Holy Men Who Wrote Books of the Old Testament:

      The Author:                      Book or Books Written:

________________________21. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
________________________22. Joshua
________________________23. Ezra
________________________24. Nehemiah
________________________25. Job
________________________26. Psalms
________________________27. Proverbs
________________________28. Isaiah
________________________29. Jeremiah
________________________30. Ezekiel

Holy Men Who Wrote New Testament Books:

  Books Written:                                           The Holy Men:

__________________________________________________________31. Matthew
__________________________________________________________32. Mark
__________________________________________________________33. Luke
__________________________________________________________34. John
__________________________________________________________35. Peter
__________________________________________________________36. Paul
__________________________________________________________37. James
__________________________________________________________38. Jude

 Questions about the Bible:

_____________________________39. How old is language?
_____________________________40. Who gave to man a language?
_____________________________41. The whole world spoke one language until the time of what man?
_____________________________42. There are written documents that date back to what man?
_____________________________43. About when were the first five books of Moses written?
_____________________________44. What Divine Person inspired men to write?
_____________________________45. Who could not by himself write a Bible book?
_____________________________46. Who would not by himself write a Bible book?
_____________________________47. In addition to abilities, what did the holy man need?
_____________________________48. In what was the holy man limited?
_____________________________49. In what was the Holy Spirit unlimited?
_____________________________50. The holy men and the Holy Spirit produced what great Book?


©1978 by R.O.Corvin