Questions for Simon Peter
TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS   (Record the Chapter and Verse where you find your answers.)
T/F  Chapter/Verse __ ________ 1. Simon Peter was the brother of Andrew __ ________ 2. Andrew won Simon to the Lord. __ ________ 3. Simon Peter's trade was fishing. __ ________ 4. Luke tells us that Simon Peter had fished all night long. __ ________ 5. There was more than one boat involved in the fishing industry of Simon. __ ________ 6. After the feeding of 5,000, Jesus entered a boat to cross the sea with His disciples. __ ________ 7. Peter, seeing Jesus walking upon the water, requested the opportunity to walk on the water. __ ________ 8. Jesus encouraged Simon Peter to walk on the water. __ ________ 9. Simon Peter walked to Jesus upon the water without fear. __ ________10. After walking upon the water, Jesus and Peter entered the boat together. __ ________11. "Oh thou of little faith" was spoken by Jesus to Peter. __ ________12. Peter requested John to wash his hands and his head. __ ________13. Simon Peter requested John to ask Jesus who would betray Him. __ ________14. Jesus informed Peter "Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now." __ ________15. Simon Peter indicated that he would lay down his life for Christ's sake. __ ________16. Simon desired to build 3 tabernacles on the Mountain Of Transfiguration. __ ________17. Jesus requested the 3 disciples not to tell what they had seen on the Mountain Of  Transfiguration __ ________18. Peter and John ran a race to the sepulchre. __ ________19. John entered the sepulchre before Peter. __ ________20. Jesus predicted by what death Peter should die.
Chapter/Verse _________21. Simon's name was changed to _____________________________________________ _________22. What statement did Andrew make to Peter regarding the Lord? __________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _________23. What statement did Jesus make to Simon Peter when He first met him? ______________________________________________________________________ _________24. What statement did Jesus make to Peter about fishing? ________________________ _________25. Who said, "Thou shalt never wash my feet?" _________________________________ _________26. What statement did Jesus make regarding Simon and the cock crowing? _____________________________________________________________________ _________27. Where was Simon when he made the great confession about Christ?______________ _________28. What 4 answers were given when Christ said, "Whom do men say that I am?" _____________________________________________________________________ _________29. Christ said, "Thou art Peter and upon this_______________ I will build my church." _________30. What 3 disciples accompanied Jesus to the Mount Of Transfiguration? _____________________________________________________________________ _________31. What 2 men appeared while they were on the mountain? _______________________ _________32. What did the voice say which overshadowed the mountain? _____________________ _________33. Who requested Jesus through Peter to pay the tribute money?___________________ _________34. From what source did Simon secure money to pay the tribute?___________________ _________35. How many went with Simon when he said, "I go fishing"? _______________________ _________36. Simon and the rest caught how many fish? ___________________________________ _________37. What question did Jesus ask Peter 3 times? __________________________________ _________38. I have read my lesson. Yes____ No_______ 39. Please memorize John 21:17.


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