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These pictures were taken on 10/12/02. To see an enlarged view, just click on the pictures. Comments appear below. Enjoy!!!.

  • 1. My friend, Larry, came to visit this weekend.
  • 2. While he and Mike watched the ball games, I took a walk and noticed that the trees were starting to turn colors.
  • 3. The dogwoods were gorgeous.
  • 4. Their once green leaves were now slowly turning red, pink and orange.
  • 5. Inspired by the beauty around me, I saundered down the road toward the river below.
  • 6. Everywhere were bursts of brilliant color.
  • 7. The sumac was bright red.
  • 8. The entrance to the cave was strewn with flowers of every hue.
  • 9. White daisies danced along the path.
  • 10. Across the road, the high white bluff outlined the bridge stretching below.
  • 11. Looking down, the sun suddenly struck the colored leaves.
  • 12. Making a magic pink world.
  • 13. White puffy flowers were everywhere.
  • 14. Blue-tinged daisies hugged the floor along the path.
  • 15. Sprigs of yellow yarrow were tossed about.
  • 16. And sweetest of all, the birds had deserted their little house and were chirping softly overhead.


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