How To Use The Logos

1) Right click on one of the following logos (THIS WILL BE YOUR LINK GRAPHIC.)

   (154x27 - 3KB)                 (123x27 - 4KB)

2) In the popup menu, choose "Save Picture As"

3) Choose a folder on your hard drive to save the image in

4) Upload the saved image to your server

5) Link it to the following URL:

For more help on linking, look at the source code for this page. To do so:

1) Left click on "view" from the menu above;

2) Left click on "source"

3) Scroll down to where it says: "(THIS WILL BE YOUR LINK GRAPHIC.)"

4) The code for the Graphic Link is in the brackets which follows.

5) Copy and paste it into your web page where you want it to appear.

Thank you for respecting my TERMS OF USE!