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My name is Gwen Rogers and I make the pages for this website. I live in north-central Arkansas and enjoy photography, mountain biking, waterskiing, gardening and cooking. The pictures above were taken around the area where I live. Comments about the pictures follow.

  • 1. Picture of me and mother taken in 1999 at a Hawaiian festival in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

  • 2. My house is perched on the side of a mountain and overlooks the White River.

  • 3. Web pages for this site are prepared in my small office.

  • 4. Sometimes the view from my office is shrouded in fog.

  • 5.The sun dissapates the fog and one can see eagles and buzzards overhead.

  • 6. The famous Buffalo River runs into the White River a few miles upstream from my view. It winds through the valley below my office, then through the town of Norfork.

  • 7. Entering Norfork on the highway, one can see the mountain where I live.

  • 8. The river offers one many peaceful but exciting activities.

  • 9. A favorite pasttime is fishing.

  • 10. As you can see, large, hungry trout are abundant in the White River.

  • 11. One of our favorite activities is camping out by the river.

  • 12. Reading a good book by a waterfall is another favorite pasttime.


These pictures are all copyrighted so please do not link directly to them. Please read my TERMS OF USE before using or downloading them. Thanks for your cooperation.


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