Terms Of Use

You are welcome to use all of the pictures offered on this page for your personal (non-commercial) web pages. I hope you ENJOY using them as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

Please note the following requirements for use.

1) My pictures are LINKWARE -- which means if you use them, a graphics logo linking back to my home page is required on EACH page where any picture is used. This does NOT mean giving credit on a separate page where you list all photographers or graphic artists.

2) PLEASE do not use any of my pictures in any collection or set, for email stationery, auction sites or public message boards.

3) PLEASE do not alter the pictures in any way. This includes (but is not limited to), making backgrounds, changing colors or resizing. These pictures are given free "as is."

4) PLEASE save any picture you use to your own server. If you have questions about how to do this, CLICK HERE.

5) If you use any of my pictures, please link to the following URL:

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