The Second Commandment
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. What is the New Testament meaning of this commandment?

It means that we should honor, trust, and love God as one eternal non-physical Being and refrain from diverting our worship to another.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God to whom we should give honor, reverence and thanks. Though these gifts and benefits may reach us by the hands of others or by the skill and service of our own hands, we should recognize that the giver of all is God and to Him alone we should direct our worship.

How much or how little the amount of wealth, how much or how poor the condition of our health, should be no cause for misdirecting our trust in the one living true God.

During the pagan age those who wanted power and dominion directed their devotions to Jupiter as the supreme god. Those who sought wisdom worshipped Athena. Those in quest of happiness venerated Hercules. Those who wanted a life of ease and pleasure honored Mercury or Venus. Women with child worshipped Diana or Lucina.

In our age the idolatry of mammon worship is most prevalent. But he who visits the halls of revelry, bows at the shrine of pleasure, and trusts in the idols of strong drink, nicotine and drugs has also an idol god.

Though we should respect church structures, ministers and evangelists, we should still look to God through Christ as the source of our blessings.

Assignment for this lesson: Exodus 20:4-6; 32:1-35;
Judges 6:25-32; 17:1-13; 18:30-31;
I Samuel 5:1-8;
I IKings 9:27-37I Kings 11:1-16; 12:25-33.

Copyright in 1978 by R.O.Corvin