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Timothy Bible Institute was a series of lessons written especially for children aged 6 years to 8, but, suitable for older ones just beginning a study of the Bible. Even if your children can't yet read the Bible, they can become familiar with it and begin to understand how important it is to one's daily life.

By using the lessons I will be posting, you can easily teach your child through fun Bible characters and get them off to the right start discovering God's Word; because, you'll have everything you need for a comprehensive Bible program.

You'll find that creative lessons motivate learning using:

  • Interesting stories about well-known Bible heroes
  • Fun, age-appropriate activities that reinforce basic skills
  • Scriptures, Biblical references and questions that relate to the activity on each lesson
  • Reproducible activity pages
Designed to instill in your child a love of learning AND a love of God's Word, each lesson is easy and complete. And, they are suitable for:
  • homeschooling your own children
  • Sunday School activities
  • After school daycare activities
  • bedtime stories
To encourage children to draw closer to Christ, each lesson is a few pages long with:
  • sections to read to the child
  • words to spell to increase their vocabulary of Bible words,
  • something to talk about,
  • activities to enjoy,
  • pictures to color,
  • simple drills to celebrate their new knowlede and skill.
This curriculum provides total flexibility for the parent/teacher and makes learning so much fun for your children that they'll soon be sharing the wonder of God's written Word.

I have finished the first six lessons from this series and others that I hope to post in the coming months are shown below:

Christ has always lived
A new baby grows
The Jesus child
Jesus is baptized
Jesus is visited at night
Water for a thirsty woman
The darkest day in the world
The first Easter
The First Man
What happened in the life of Abraham
Building an ark
When a man used a rock for a pillow
From slave to prince
The first high priest
The strongest man in the world
A rich man finds a bride
A boy who listened to the Lord
Saul, Israel's first king
David - From a shepherd boy to a king
Solomon, the wise king
Elijah, a man who never died
When two men captured an army
A builder for God
A man who never gave up
Isaiah tells of Christ
Judah is punished
When a fish caught a man

Jesus goes to heaven
The Church begins
A crippled man healed
The Prayer Meeting
To tell the truth
Stephen preaches
From persecutor to apostle
God sends an angel
Paul goes on a trip
Paul's second trip
Paul's third missionary trip
Paul goes to Rome
The first woman
Sarah, the woman who laughed
The two sisters
A slave hides her baby in the river
Miriam, a jealous big sister
God protects a house
We three queens
When a dead person came to life
Lydia, a rich lady who found Christ
Peter in the Four Gospels
Peter in the Book of Acts
John the apostle
James the apostle
Philip, Nathanael, Thomas, Matthew
James the Less, Jude, Simon Zelotes
Judas Iscariot
John the Baptist
Characters related to the Birth of Christ
The nobleman and the centurion
The Herods
John Mark
Early life of Paul
Later life of Paul

The lessons will be provided in PDF format, and you must have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to view and print them.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can either view and print the lessons online, or save them to a folder on your hard drive for off-line viewing and printing.

CLICK HERE to access the lessons.
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